Chronopigger: The Making of an IGF Winner

MQP Team:

  • Elena Estelle Ainley
  • Thomas Kangchao Liu
  • Matthew R. Lyon
  • Edward P. Orsi
  • Morgan Quirk


  • Dean O'Donnell
  • Gary Pollice

The overall goal of this project is to deliver a standout video game eligible for submission to the Independent Games Festival (IGF) Student Showcase. To that end, we designed and implemented Chronopigger, a 2-D platformer as well as an accompanying level editor, both of which were built on top of the XNA framework. The game combines physics simulation and time manipulation with a cartoony, vector art style and an Amish farmer in search of his favorite pig.

The IGF seeks to be the Sundance of the gaming world, and from the onset of this project, the goal was to develop a game capable of being a finalist in its Student Showcase. The IGF is an annual celebration of the most innovative and compelling games made by independent studios that year. With this goal in mind, the team decided to research both the competition and the characteristics of the winners. As a group, we played each of the 2010 finalists listed on the IGF website, assuming there was a publicly available demo or game. We also played through many of the games from years prior to 2010; however, we gave them a lower relevance with regards to the current state of the IGF competition. In the event the team did not have access to a copy of the game, we examined marketing media, gameplay screenshots, and video. By paying close attention to design, technical, and artistic decisions, trends in successful IGF games began to emerge. Learn more…

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