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  • IMGD Lab

  • Digital Art Studio

  • Human Factors Research Lab

  • Computing & Communications Center (CCC)

  • Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Tutoring Laboratory

  • Human Interaction in Virtual Environments Laboratory

  • Interaction Lab

  • Sound Recording Studio

  • Zoo Lab

Students studying Interactive Media & Game Development (IMGD) at WPI enjoy access to state-of-the-art facilities that support research in all aspects of building games and creating art for them. Whether you want to focus on creating or editing art, delve into artificial intelligence, build games, study sound or the user’s experience—we have the tools you need.

Our IMGD Lab is a 27-seat teaching/research facility that features Mac and PC workstations equipped with the latest software for building games and creating art. This space is designed so that students can work in a collaborative environment and benefit from synergistic interactive media and game development. See the updated list of hardware and software.

Other IMDG facilities include: Digital Art Studio, Interaction Lab, Human Research Lab, Academic Technology Center, Computing & Communications Center, Artificial Intelligence & Intelligent Tutoring Lab, Human Interaction in Virtual Environments Lab, Performance Evaluation & Distributed Systems Lab, Visualization Lab, and Sound Recording Studio.