MQP Lifespan Wins Student Showcase at "Made in MA"

lifespan gameLifespan, an MQP made by IMGD students, won the Student Showcase award at the Made in MA Party 2013. This event invites all participants of PAX East and brings together developers, designers, gamers, investors, and students. Several projects from WPI and other schools were showcased at the event. Lifespan is a first-person 3D puzzle game which uses the powers of time to manipulate objects in the environment. Play the game and learn more here.  

MQP Team:

  • Michael Grossfeld (Project Lead, Co-Producer, Head Tech)
  • Nick Silvia (Head Art, Lead Sound Effect Designer, Rigging Quality Control)
  • Will Stockinger (Lead Environmental Artist, Animation Quality Control)
  • Matt Tomson (Co-Producer, Head Design, Lead Quality Assurance, Lead Art Integration)
  • Michael Pelissari (Lead Sound Designer, Modeling Quality Control)
  • Colin Ogren (Lead Level Editor Engineer, Lead Composer)  


  • Keith Zizza
  • Joseph Farbrook
  • Charles Rich  

March 21, 2013

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