Professor Brian Moriarty Appointed as a Curator for Boston FIG

The Boston Festival of Indie Games recruits Professor Brian Moriarty to become a curator and pick the showcased games.

IMGD Professor Brian Moriarty will be a curator for the Boston Festival of Indie Games (FIG). The Boston FIG curators examine the games submitted, decide which ones are showcased, and provide feedback to developers. Check the list for all Boston FIG curators. This festival will be held September 14th, 2013 at MIT and celebrates independent game developers in New England. It draws in thousands of people across New England and beyond. Boston FIG’s goal is to create an inclusive environment for everybody who enjoys and appreciates games in whatever shape or form.   

Professor Moriarty is also appearing on a panel called "Boston: Cradle of Narrative Games." The panel's description states "Boston has a long tradition of developing amazing games with gripping stories, and was home to two companies that are an essential reference on creating narrative simulations. This panel features key members of this tradition, from companies like Infocom, which created games such as the Zork series or Wishbringer, and Looking Glass Studios, home to series such as Ultima Underworld, System Shock and Thief." It will be held in Boston FIG's Main Theatre.

Moriarty is also participating in the No Show indie conference at the adjacent NERD Center the following Sunday.

September 11, 2013

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