Creative Discovery That Creates Fun

WPI’s IMGD research is all about collaboration, innovation, exploring, and trailblazing in one of the world’s most exciting, rapidly changing industries. How many researchers can say that the end result of their research is the creation of fun and addictive games and interactive media?

Learn more about the many areas in which WPI’s IMGD faculty and students are pushing the boundaries of interactive media and game development in the pursuit of creative ways to improve and expand upon existing technologies--as well as boldly creating truly groundbreaking forms of new media.

Research Focus Area Associated IMGD Faculty
Artificial Intelligence Charles Rich 
Authoring Tools Charles Rich
Computer Graphics Emmanuel Agu   
Robert Lindeman
Intelligent Tutoring Systems Neil Heffernan 
Interactive Narrative and Quest Design Dean O'Donnell 
Location-Aware Media Emmanuel Agu
Robert Lindeman
Mobile Graphics and Gaming Emmanuel Agu
Robert Lindeman
Network Games Emmanuel Agu
Mark Claypool
Novel User Interface Devices and Techniques Robert Lindeman
Serious Games Dean O'Donnell
Charles Rich
Virtual Reality Emmanuel Agu
Robert Lindeman

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Viewpoint-altering Immersive Art

Digital artist Joseph Farbrook, assistant professor of IMGD, explores ways to combat digital art’s “sterility”—via an interactive installation in an online community and through a series of video portraits that bring emotional content to digital objects.