Undergraduate Programs

Freedom and Flexibility to Pursue Your Goals

Pursuing a minor, major, or double major in International Studies readies students for challenges abroad and at home by providing a strong background in humanities and social sciences, as well as rich experiences through global projects and exchange programs.

Under the broad umbrella of International Studies, students create their own programs of study to accommodate individual interests and future career goals, planning a course of study that may focus on a thematic issue, analytical approach, or region of the world (often known as area studies). Students can choose to focus course work in areas such as biology and biotechnology, the life sciences, humanities and arts, social sciences, civil engineering, environmental engineering, or chemistry. An academic advisor in International Studies can help plan the program of study that best meets individual needs and interests.

Students enjoy the freedom to choose courses and international experiences that best support their personal goals while becoming global citizens before they even graduate.

Nick Pelletier

Making a Difference on Two Continents

For his IQP (Interactive Qualifying Project), Nick Pelletier helped pave the way for rapid bus transit in South Africa. His MQP (Major Qualifying Project) led to a new product to treat hip dysplasia in dogs.