For Campers

“One thing that struck me deeply (and is still with me today) was the sheer drive, passion, and enthusiasm of the camp leaders…This enthusiasm extended to every resident assistant, teacher assistant, and professor at the camp.  These strong, positive, and uplifting emotions were contagious, and helped establish a welcoming and rich learning environment.” 

Christina Kach 
Camp Reach ’97 
Engineer at Raytheon


Once you’ve been to Camp Reach, chances are you will see the engineering, math, and science concepts in everyday activities—from building a sandcastle to making a sundae or lacing up your shoes.   Indeed, making an ice cream sundae has never been so educational (but it’s still delicious).  And yes, we do make shoes at camp, from design to material selection to production.     

You’ll be up early (by 7:30) with lights out by 9:30—and you’ll be ready for rest after a full day in and around the campus, working with college students, professors, and others who devote two weeks to make the Camp Reach experience as meaningful as it can be. 

Topics for activities may include rehabilitation engineering, biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, forensic science, and more.

Your mind will be stretched, and your body challenged too, and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve. 

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