Modeling the Environment

This program will be part of our Launch program for rising 9th and 10th graders in Summer 2015.  Please see the Launch program page for details.

Learn about the concept of sustainability in complex systems through use of computer models, online simulations, and hand-on games. You will gain a new perspective on some of the toughest environmental problems we face today and learn what we can do to bring our use of natural resources into balance.

Gain A New Perspective

Together with the Creative Learning Resource Center, WPI offers you the chance to learn a whole new way of thinking about our environment. What happens when we don’t balance our use of natural resources? How do we regulate industries for sustainability? What part does climate play? You will start to explore the answers to these questions and more through computer modeling and hands-on activities!

WPI is also thrilled to welcome a guest instructor, Christopher DiCarlo:
Christopher DiCarlo received a Bachelor of Science degree in Math and Civil Engineering, and a Master of Science degree in Structural Engineering from Tufts University. He worked in structural engineering before deciding to become a high school teacher at Innovation Academy Charter School in Tyngsboro, MA. Chris teaches Physics, Math, and a class focused on modeling the dynamics in our natural environment called Environmental Systems. Chris strives to help his students get a deeper understanding of their surroundings using systems thinking tools like STELLA modeling, causal loop diagrams and behavior over time graphs. He believes these tools can help to uncover the underlying dynamics at play so students can identify the best course of action to bring about change. Chris values sustainability and he encourages his students to look for long-term sustainable solutions while still bearing in mind that leaders often have conflicting short-term interests that must be balanced with the long-term vision.

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