All Grades

Doors Opened for a Future Edge

Increasing interest in and access to the wonder and fun of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) drives WPI’s longstanding commitment to K-12 outreach and enrichment programs.

On our beautiful campus—and in classrooms across the region—children of all ages are exposed to a variety WPI K-12 programs throughout the school year. And our own undergraduate students are excellent sources of inspiration, which is why we encourage their participation as teaching assistants and ambassadors in WPI outreach programs.

From STEM Saturdays to robotics competitions or being part of the year-long MASTERs program, WPI helps young achievers pursue their interests. Detailed information about the variety of K-12 STEM academic year programs for students can be found at:

The STEM Education Center at WPI

Recognizing that educators too need resources and support in advancing STEM, WPI established a new center to help educators reinvigorate K-12 science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Learn more...

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2014 brochure (.pdf, 1.69 mb)

Our Commitment to Educators

Several of our programs are designed to support the efforts of teachers and guidance counselors. Educators can administer these programs at their schools by submitting a K-12 Outreach Request Form to Shari Weaver.