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Use of Computers in the Library

Current WPI students, faculty and, staff may use any of the computers located throughout the library after logging in with their WPI username and password. WPI alumni and Academic and Research Collaborative (ARC) visitors may use the computers on the main floor upon presentation of a photo ID and either a WPI alumni library card or an ARC card. Computer access is not available for public use. Although WPI alumni and ARC members are welcome to use these specific computers, WPI students, faculty, and staff have priority over other users.

Printing requests initiated from library computers are sent by default to the print release station in the Printing and Scanning Center on the main floor. Printing jobs also may be sent to color printers located in the printing center and Multimedia Lab, as well as to other print stations in the the library. Black and white prints cost 10¢ and color prints 25¢. Please contact the Technology Helpdesk on the main floor for assistance.

The Helpdesk loans laptop computers, for use in the building, to WPI faculty, students, and staff. In addition, faculty, students, and staff can bring their own laptops and connect to the network from the library.

All computer use in the library is subject to the WPI Acceptable Use Policy. A printed copy is available at the Information Desk.

Lab and Conference Room Reservation and Use Policy

Anderson Lab A, Lab B, and Gordon Conference Room 303 are computer labs and conference rooms that are primarily available for WPI faculty and staff with limited student use of the labs.

A key must be checked out at the Information Desk. A WPI ID card is required to check out the key to the room.

Room Location Facilities Primary Use Weekdays 8am-5pm How to Reserve

Gordon Conference Room 303

Third floor, next to 3rd floor Tech Suites.

Gordon Conference Room 303 is currently available for faculty and staff use only.
Has a large conference room table and seating for 25, a LCD projector and screen, and multimedia podium.

Library and Information Technology staff meetings

Contact Access Services at x5410 or use Outlook Calendar invite to "Calendar - Library Gordon Conference Room 303"

Lab A

First floor, through Multimedia Lab

Anderson Instruction Labs are named for Albert G. Anderson, former library director, due to his generous gift to WPI.

Contains 16 PCs and seating for 32 and includes an instructor PC, projection system, DVD/VCR, whiteboard, and chalkboards. Computers in the lab run Windows 7, Office 2013, the Banner client, classroom software, Direct Response System software, and Endnote x7.

Library instruction

Contact Access Services at x5410 or use Outlook Calendar invite to "Calendar - Library Anderson Lab A"

Lab B

First Floor, next to Lab A

Contains 14 PCs and seating for 20 and includes an instructor PC, projection system, DVD/VCR, and whiteboard. Computers in the lab run Windows 7, Office 2013, classroom software, and Direct Response System software. Special software: Contains Adobe Creative Suite, Banner client software, Endnote x7, and other classroom software such as MatLab.

WPI computer training in addition to instruction on specialized multimedia software.

Contact Jim Monaco at x6152 or use Outlook Calendar invite to "Calendar - Library Anderson Lab B"

Scheduling Guidelines

  • Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis but priorities are given to library instruction requests, IT training, and access needed to specialized software such as Adobe Creative Suite in Lab B.
  • To allow staff sufficient time to secure the building, rooms will close 30 minutes before the rest of the building.
  • Reservations are for short-term use only; term-long courses, reoccurring requests, or regularly scheduled courses will not be scheduled in these rooms. Contact or for classroom scheduling.
  • If requested via Outlook, an auto-reply email is sent to the requester confirming the reservation.
  • Cancellations should be made as soon as possible so that others may use the rooms.

Open Labs

During the academic year, Anderson Labs A and B are open labs and cannot be reserved by individuals or groups during the following days and times:

  • Weekdays 5 p.m. until 30 minutes before closing
  • Weekends 11 a.m. until 30 minutes before closing

Please note that during open lab hours, the room is available to all WPI community members. Please leave the door open to allow access.

Use Guidelines


  • For scheduled reservations, the rooms must be locked as you leave the room. If found unlocked, we will notify person who checked out the key and this person could be blocked from use of tech suites, labs, and conference rooms in the future.
  • The labs are monitored by security cameras.
  • No food or drink is allowed.

 Scheduling & Accessing the Rooms

  • The responsible party should ask Information Desk staff for the key at the pre-scheduled time. A WPI ID is required for checkout. Failure to return the key at the end of the reservation results in a fine of $1.00 per minute for each minute the key is not returned.
  • The room key may be picked up early if the room is not already in use. If the key has not been charged out by 15 minutes after the scheduled hour, the reservation may be deleted and other groups will be allowed to use the space. A $50 replacement cost will be charged for a lost key as well as the cost of a replacement lock.
  • The group(s) that the room is charged out to will be financially responsible for any damage to the room or equipment. Replacement fees will be charged for any missing supplies.
  • All responsible parties are encouraged to visit for a short training session on the equipment prior to use (contact Jim Monaco, x6152 or Research and Instruction, x5410).
  • The person scheduling the room is responsible for any equipment in the room. A staff member may not be available to help you. For assistance operating the multimedia, please contact the Academic Technology Center at x5220. On weekends, assistance with the technology in the room may not be available. In Labs A or B, refer to instruction card attached to podium.

Software/Hardware Available & Policies Regarding Installation

  • Multimedia includes: Inputs and VGA cable to connect laptops to projection system.
  • No software should be loaded onto the computers. If software is needed for training, please inform Research and Instruction, x5410 or Jim Monaco, x6152 at the time of scheduling to oversee installation and removal. In this case, advanced notice of at least 7 days is recommended.
  • Any files saved to the computers will be deleted when they are logged off.
  • All computers are to be logged off, the projector turned off, and the screen stowed. All computers are to be left turned on.
  • Problems with equipment? Notify staff at the Information Desk and/or Help Desk immediately.

Violators of any of these procedures may not be given permission to schedule the room again.

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