Library Related Student Projects

Worcester Polytechnic Institute's Archives and Special Collections Department collects, houses, and preserves artifacts and historical records that chronicle the University’s history since its establishment in 1865, as well as other manuscripts, rare books, art, and other collections.

Student projects are an important part of these collections. The Gordon Library has sponsored student projects, and members of the library staff have served as co-advisors on Interactive Qualifying Projects (IQPs). Notable examples of these WPI student projects, including a Master's Thesis, a Great Problems Seminar paper, IQP reports, a Major Qualifying Project (MQP) report, and Sufficiency reports, can be found in the table below.

Project Title Advisors Date
MS Thesis Design of a Rooftop Photovoltaic Array for the George C. Gordon Library at Worcester Polytechnic Institute: Structural, Thermal, and Performance Analysis by Jamie Mayer Dr. Richard D. Sisson, Jr. 2010
GPS Gordon Library Energy Efficiency A Great Problem Seminar Project Proposal: Submitted to Worcester Polytechnic Institute
By: Jian Mao, Ryan Mocadlo, Ryan Shooshan, Lauren Waring. Paper and Poster
Brian Savilonis 2009
IQP Digitizing Thoreau: Thoreau Collection Preservation Project W. Mott, R. Obien 2009
IQP Feeding the world -- the Impact of Theo Brown and John Deere D. Apelian 2009
IQP Research for the Worcester Writers J. Dempsey 2009
IQP Worcester area writers J. Dempsey 2009
IQP City of Words -- Worcester Writers Project (WPI Only) J. Dempsey 2009
IQP Worcester Writers J. Dempsey 2009
IQP Library Game Suite Proposal D. Finkel 2007
IQP Ralph Baer: an Oral History D. O’Donnell 2007
IQP Podcasts for information literacy at the Gordon Library E. Daneels 2007
IQP Establishing a collection of video game ephemera (WPI Only) D. Finkel 2006
IQP Canterbury Shaker Village preservation project (WPI Only) W. Mott 2006
IQP The Game Archives Project D. Finkel; D. O'Donnell 2006
IQP Digitizing Shaker Oral Histories W. Mott 2006
IQP An Exhibit on the History of Story in Games D. Finkel; D. O'Donnell 2005
IQP Walt Whitman Exhibit W. Mott 2005
IQP Bloomsday Exhibit L. Menides 2004
IQP Woodbury & Co. Oral History Project K. Ljungquist; J. Hanlan 2004
IQP Worcester Authors & Poets on the Web K. Ljungquist; J. Hanlan 2003
IQP Worcester Authors on the Web K. Ljungquist; J. Hanlan 2002
MQP Henry David Thoreau and science -- a two towers tradition and Library Exhibit W. Mott 2001
SUFF Indexing Manuscript Material in Life of Charles Dickens J. Brattin 2001
SUFF Rockwell Kent's Influence over Moby Dick in the 1920's American Revival D. Samson 2002
SUFF Creative Writing Exhibit L. Menides 2004
SUFF Henry David Thoreau Exhibit W. Mott 2004
SUFF Guide to Charles Dickens Letters J. Brattin 2004
SUFF Guide to Donald McKay - Charles Dickens Drawings J. Brattin 2004

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For more information about how the Archives and Special Collections Department can help you with student projects, please contact Margaret Anderson, WPI Archivist, +1-508-831-6112 or