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Stratton Hall, 105C
Phone: +1-508-831-5362
Fax: +1-508-831-5824

Joseph D. Petruccelli

Statisticians have many career paths available to them. As a young researcher, I worked on theoretical problems in applied probability and time series analysis. More recently, I have focused my energies more on statistics education as well as collaborations with researchers in other fields, primarily the biomedical sciences. I enjoy teaching statistics courses at all levels, from introductory undergraduate to advanced graduate. I particularly enjoy advising student projects, which I think are the essence of a WPI education.

Research Interests

  • Statistics
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Statistics Education


  • AB, Boston College, 1971
  • MS, Purdue University, 1974
  • PhD, Purdue University, 1978

Featured Publications

  • "On a best choice problem with partial information" (1980), The Annals of Statistics, 8, 1171-1174.
  • "On the use of the general partial autocorrelation function for order determination in ARMA(p,q) processes" (with N. Davies), (1984), Journal of the American Statistical Association, 79, 374- 377.
  • "A threshold AR(1) model" (with S. W. Woolford), (1984), Journal of Applied Probability, 21, 270-286.
  • "A portmanteau test for SETAR-type nonlinearity in time series", (with N. Davies), (1985), Biometrika, 73, 687-694.
  • “A new oral otoprotective agent. Part 1: Electrophysiology data from protection against noise-induced hearing loss." with C. Vincenza, P. Cascella, P. Giordano, S. Hatzopoulos, S. Prosser, E. Simoni, L. Astol, A. R. Fetoni, H. Skarz.yn'ski, A. Martini, (2012), Medical Science Monitor, 18(1):BR1-8.

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