Prof. Master of Industrial Mathematics

Meeting the Demands of Emerging Technology

The demand for mathematicians capable of modeling and simulating emerging technologies is skyrocketing. With our M.S. in Industrial mathematics, you will develop the analytic, modeling, and computational skills needed to spur advances in a range of industrial areas. You will take core courses in numerical methods, modeling, and discrete math, and select from elective coordinated modules in engineering/science topics such as electrical engineering, bioengineering, physics, and computer science. You will also undertake an industrial project and learn communication and business skills that prepare you to work in multidisciplinary teams and take leadership roles in the corporate world.

Career Outlook

Industry mathematicians work in a wide range of industries. Our graduates have found success in many fields:

  • Aerospace & Transportation
  • Software Development
  • Communications, Electronics
  • Engineering
  • Cryptology & Cryptography
  • Weather Modeling & Prediction


Admission to the program follows the general admission process for graduate programs at WPI. A strong background in mathematics, which should include courses in advanced analysis, linear algebra and differential equations, is assumed.

Interested candidates can apply at Graduate Admissions. For particular information about this program and availability of fellowships, please contact us directly by email or by phone at +1-508-831-5241. 

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