WPI Haas Technical Education Center

Information For Students

The mission of the CNC labs is to

  • support the mission of WPI, by creating, discovering, and conveying knowledge at the frontiers of inquiry in CNC machining and education, as well as linking that new knowledge to applications
  • help students achieve self sufficiency in the use of CNC tools and technologies, so they can conceive, design, and create their own CNC machined parts for their projects.

The vision of the CNC labs is to

  • be the premier laboratory for CNC engineering education and research (applied and fundamental) in the world.

The VF3, VFOE and the SL20, that were entrusted to WPI in 2001 were swapped out on 22 July 2004. They are being replaced this fall with two new vertical machining centers and a new lathe: VF4, and VF2SS, both with 5 axis capabilities, and a TL15 with a sub spindle.

The Haas Technical Education Center with the support of the Fleet Asset Management, trustee of the Elizabeth A. Lufkin Trust, who has awarded $400,000 to WPI. Haas Automation, Inc. (manufactured in Oxnard, California, and represented in New England by Trident Machine tools), has entrusted WPI with over a quarter million dollars in new machine tools, software and training. We also received support from Kennametal of Latrobe, Pennsylvania for tooling, Atlas Copco for compressed air, Wally and Carolyn Towner '83 ( Thorsen Inc.) - both members of WPI's Class of 1983 - for movable walls and cutting fluid from Blaser Swisslube donated by IDG-New England.

The center is primarily for undergraduate teaching. The eight new CNC machine tools will are used in ME 1800, ME 3820, and ES 3323, as well as other courses. The machine tools facilitate the realization, i.e. fabrication, of parts that students have designed on computers. The machine tools are important for supporting WPI's project based-education. The machine tools are also be used in manufacturing engineering research, as well as to produce apparatus to support research efforts in other fields.

Move-In Day - July 28th, 2001

The Hass Technical Center for Computer-controlled Machining supports teaching and research on computer-controlled machining, as well as the fabrication of equipment for projects and research. A lathe with live tooling, as well as smaller lathes and mills and including two vertical machining centers, were selected to accommodate a wide variety of applications. These machines, partly paid for by a grant from Fleet Asset Management, Trustee of the Elizabeth A. Lufkin Trust, arrived July 28th, 2001 and were placed into their new homes in the Washburn Shops and the Robotics Laboratory.

Photo Gallery 154988

  • Our new Minimills arrive.

  • Unwrapping a Minimill for placement into its new home.

  • The Haas SL-10, Mini CNC Turning Center needs a bigger entrance than the Minimills

  • Vertical Machining Center definitely needs the bigger entrance.

  • Carefully maneuvering a Minimill past a tight-squeeze in the Washburn Hallways.

  • Fitting the minimill through a tight squeeze (even after the doors are taken out) into its new home, Washburn Shops.

  • Almost done, as a Minimill is carefully lowered into position.

  • Two of the Minimills settled into their new, permanent home in Washburn Shops.

  • The two Vertical Machining Centers find their home in the Robotics Laboratory.

  • Our 3 year old VF3 shipping out in the first entrustment swap, 22 July 2004.