Assessment and Evaluation Planning

The Morgan Center helps connect faculty members and staff to providers of assessment and evaluation planning during grant proposal development. Support may include the following, depending on your needs and interests:

  • clarification of project goals and outcomes
  • identification of appropriate assessment and evaluation methods and instruments
  • creation of a timeline for assessment and evaluation
  • development of a budget for assessment and evaluation.

While we have connections with a number of consultants, one source of support is Paula Quinn, a Research Manager in the Research & Evaluation unit of the University of Massachusetts Donahue Institute. She either will work with you herself or will refer you to another source (either inside or outside of the Donahue Institute) for support in development of your evaluation plan. If the Donahue Institute were to work with you on proposal development, they would be identified in the proposal as the evaluator, and they would commit to conducting the evaluation during project implementation. Paula may be contacted at either or at +1-413-587-2409 to set up a meeting.

Prior to the initial meeting, you will be asked to provide the following things:

  • either a copy of the RFP or a link to the RFP
  • a draft of the proposal that includes project objectives.

Because the proposal development process is most successful when grounded in an ongoing dialogue between a Primary Investigator, the evaluation consultant, and others who will be involved with the project, contact should be initiated at least eight weeks prior to the submission deadline. Requests made closer to the deadline will be considered on a time-available basis.

Consultation is available on a first-come, first-served basis, and availability is dependent on level of demand.

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