The Morgan Teaching and Learning Center promotes reflective thought and dialogue on the art, science, and craft of college teaching. Its principal objectives are to:

  • build the teaching knowledge and skills of all instructors in order to promote continual individual growth in teaching effectiveness and enhancement of student learning;
  • support teaching and learning innovations in areas aligned with WPI's goals;
  • continue developing a culture of student learning assessment to guide improvements in teaching practice and curricular change; and
  • recognize teaching achievements.

Our programs and services are guided by the following principles:

  • Good teaching is founded in core beliefs and attitudes, which are largely innate to the individual, and in good practice, which can be learned and improved upon.
  • We help instructors succeed as educators, by providing constructive and practical feedback and resources; we do not judge performance.
  • There are numerous paths to teaching effectiveness. We assist instructors in exploring a variety of pedagogies that will help them meet their goals for teaching and student learning.
  • Reflection combined with meaningful data, particularly the assessment of student learning outcomes, is crucial to the ongoing improvement of teaching and learning processes.


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