Tuition Assistance for Certificate in College Teaching Courses

The Certificate in College Teaching (CCT) program, operated by the Higher Education Consortium of Central Massachusetts (HECCMA), offers formal preparation in teaching for graduate students and faculty. It is based upon the premise that effective preparation for the college classroom involves more than a solid base of knowledge in a discipline; it requires a systematic inquiry into the pedagogies and processes that facilitate learning.

The 2-credit Seminar in College Teaching provides an excellent overview of basic principles and theories of education and instructional practice that apply across numerous disciplines. The Seminar can be taken alone without intention of pursuing a certificate, or students may proceed with additional courses to earn the 6-credit certificate. Courses are offered in the fall, spring, and summer semesters. For details on course offerings and schedules, go to the Certificate in College Teaching website.

Partial or full tuition assistance for CCT courses is available for many WPI faculty and staff and for a limited number of graduate students:

Tuition Assistance for Faculty Members and Staff

New faculty with little teaching experience who take the Seminar in College Teaching are likely to be better prepared to assume their teaching duties and, consequently, be more productive in developing their research programs. Similarly, more experienced college faculty can also benefit from CCT courses, as they may be very well prepared in their disciplines, but desire formal training in the pedagogy of teaching. Staff members who have teaching roles have also taken CCT courses. Many WPI faculty and staff members are eligible to receive 75% reimbursement for CCT courses offered by the Higher Education Consortium of Central Massachusetts. Consult the tuition assistance portion of the Human Resources Benefits and Policies Manual for eligibility and procedures.

The Morgan Teaching & Learning Center will provide the remaining 25% of tuition assistance for full-time faculty members who successfully complete the Seminar in College Teaching. Interested faculty members should contact Center Director Chrys Demetry before enrolling in the course.

Tuition Assistance Opportunity for Graduate Students

Research has shown that graduate students with some formal preparation in college teaching have a substantial advantage in the academic job market. CCT courses also benefit TAs who would like to become more effective in their roles. Following are some testimonials from WPI students:

  • The Seminar in College Teaching course is just what I needed to learn the techniques and skills involve in college teaching. With this on my resume, I was able to land my first teaching job for the fall semester. The department head that interviewed me said that she was confident about giving me a chance because I participated in this course. --Rosa Croughwell
  • Taking the seminar in college teaching has made me a better TA by teaching me about the differences in learning styles. When I get up in front of the students I am more confident in my ability to teach them, and to handle any problems. --Emily Evans

Thanks to a generous gift from WPI's Class of 1957, WPI graduate students are eligible to receive full tuition reimbursement for CCT courses. Interested students should read the following documents, which fully describe the procedures and application process:



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