Materials Process Engineering

Materials process engineering is an exciting and important multidisciplinary field that focuses on the manufacture of high-quality, cost-effective parts and systems. The founders of Worcester Polytechnic Institute made their fortunes in the materials processing industries of wire drawing and tin smithing. Since classes began in 1868, WPI has uniquely prepared students for careers in materials processing as evident in the many WPI faculty and alumni who have established such successful companies as Norton Company, Wyman-Gordon, and PresMet.

Our Materials Process Engineering program continues this tradition today. Clearly, the future will not only depend on new materials and manufacturing processes like nanomaterials and biopolymers, but also the innovative use of traditional materials and processes like aluminum casting, heat-treated steel, and powder processing of ceramics. Our commitment to the future shines through both in our multidisciplinary focus and in our responsiveness to the needs of industry, the consumer, and the global community.

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Recycling Metal and Saving Energy

Learn how WPI researchers are melting recycled aluminum and processing it—without the costly step of re-machining—for reuse in manufacturing.

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