Graduate Programs

Creating Leaders in the Materials Processing Industry

WPI’s Materials Process Engineering (MPE) Master of Science graduate degree program provides engineers, scientists, and managers with the knowledge, sills, and experience to become entrepreneurs and leaders in the materials processing industry of the 21st century.

This 30-credit program allows serious professionals the opportunity to select courses from three programs: Manufacturing Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, and Management/Industrial Engineering. Additionally, students have the freedom to choose 3 credits of electives from any graduate-level course at WPI and will complete a 3-credit MPE project. This project will integrate the skills and knowledge acquired in the student’s coursework as well as industrial experience.

Admission requirements include a BS in engineering or science and at least three years of industrial experience. The program is designed to be completed in three to four years while working full time. Classes are offered on campus one evening or two afternoons per week. Many classes in management are available through WPI's Advanced Distance Learning Network(ADLN); several manufacturing and materials engineering courses will also be available through ADLN in the future.