WPI’s graduate certificate in Data Science offers cutting-edge education in the world of Big Data. And with convenient online delivery, our world-class instruction comes to you, wherever you live. Flexibility in course selection allows you to customize the program to fit both  your existing data analytics skills and your career aspirations: in computer science, finance, business, and more.

Whatever path you choose, the graduate certificate is an excellent stepping stone to our online and on-campus master’s programs in Data Science. Simply transfer the credits and advance your knowledge even further in this growing field.

WPI also offers an Online MS in Data Science.

This degree is also offered on campus.
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Graduate Certificate Plan of Study (18 credits)

Plan of study will be created with an academic advisor.


Integrative Data Science (Required)

  • DS 501. Introduction to Data Science (3 credits)

Mathematical Analytics (Select one)

  • DS 502. Statistical Methods for Data Science (3 credits)

Data Access and Management (Select one)

  • CS 542. Database Management Systems (3 credits)
  • DS 503. Big Data Management (3 credits)

Data Analytics and Mining (Select one)

  • CS 548. Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (3 credits)
  • DS 504. Big Data Analytics (3 credits)

Business Intelligence and Case Studies (Select one)

  • MIS 584. Business Intelligence (3 credits)

ELECTIVES (select one)

*indicates recommended electives critical for data scientists
*CS 542. Database Management Systems (3 credits) [recommended prerequisite for DS 503]
*DS 503. Big Data Management (3 credits)
*CS 548. Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (3 credits) [recommended prerequisite for DS 504]
*DS 504. Big Data Analytics (3 credits)

Note the following two elective courses are designed as ramp up courses for students who may be lacking in sufficient background in either statistics or programming.  If either or both of these are selected they must be completed first, prior to the DS core coursework.

MA 511. Applied Statistics for Engineers and Scientists
CS 5007. Intro to Applications of CS with Data Structures and Algorithms (Programming for non-CS majors)


(Electives / concentrations offerings are flexible so that the student may choose coursework that applies to their interests and needs)
*indicates recommended electives critical for data scientists

Computer Science courses

CS 5084. Introduction to Algorithms: Design and Analysis
CS 509.  Design of Software Systems
CS 546. Human-Computer Interaction
CS 548. Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
*CS 573. Data Visualization 
CS 584. Algorithms: Design and Analysis

School of Business courses

ACC 503. Financial Intelligence for Strategic Decision Making
BUS 500. Business Law, Ethics and Social Responsibility
FIN 500. Financial Information and Management
FIN 501. Economics for Managers
MIS 500. Innovating with Information Systems
MIS 573. Systems Design and Development
MIS 576. Project Management
MIS 581. Information Technology Policy and Strategy
OBC 500. Group and Interpersonal Dynamics in Complex Organizations
OBC 501. Interpersonal and Leadership Skills
OIE 500. Analyzing and Designing Operations to Create Value
OIE 541. Operations Risk Management
OIE 544. Supply Chain Analysis and Design
OIE 552. Modeling and Optimizing Processes
OIE 598. Optimization Methods for Business Analytics     

Electrical and Computer Engineering courses

ECE 502. Analysis of Probabilistic Signals and Systems
ECE 503. Digital Signal Processing
ECE 504. Analysis of Deterministic Signals and Systems
ECE 630. Advanced Topics in Signal Processing
Additional electives are offered on-campus.

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