The interdisciplinary nature of the Nuclear Science & Engineering Graduate Certificate at WPI provides students with a diverse educational background, including training in physics and mechanical engineering. The certificate program prepares students for a wide range of careers in industry, research, health care, and academia, and it attracts students with a range of undergraduate degrees including physics, chemistry, mathematics, and chemical, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering.

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The field of nuclear science and engineering is growing at a rapid pace, as new nuclear reactors are being built around the world. Through our industry-leading certificate program, you will gain the knowledge and skills needed to lead the next generation of nuclear engineering and science experts who are building new nuclear plants, keeping nuclear materials safe, and exploring nuclear power as a greener alternative to fossil fuels.


The graduate certificate in Nuclear Science & Engineering requires the successful completion of 12 graduate credits. You will select 4 of the 5 courses listed below (all courses are 3 credits):

NSE 510. Introduction to Nuclear Science & Engineering

NSE 520. Applied Nuclear Physics

NSE 530. Health Physics

NSE 540. Nuclear Materials

NSE 550. Reactor Design, Operations and Safety


All students with a BS degree in an engineering and science discipline are eligible for admission to the program. Admission to the Nuclear Science & Engineering Graduate Certificate program is consistent with the admissions requirements listed in the WPI graduate catalog for graduate certificates.

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$1.1 Million for Nuclear Power

Did you know that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission awarded WPI $1.1 million in grants to strengthen our nuclear science and engineering research and education and help fill the global need for qualified nuclear professionals?

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