A graduate certificate in power systems management reinforces your career and allows you to take on responsibilities exclusively given to engineers with power-specific education. These specialized programs will raise your knowledge and competency levels in key disciplines like protection and controls or power transmission.


This certificate will prepare you to:

  • Analyze power flows in delivery networks--both for steady state and transients
  • Design power delivery networks--both Transmission and Distribution
  • Evaluate design alternatives, including both technical and economic analysis
  • Lead projects using a full suite of management tools
  • Understand group and individual dynamics leading to more effective interactions
  • Identify and mitigate operational risks

Program Requirements

You must complete six courses (18 credits total):

Choose two or three of the following:

*Credit cannot be awarded for ECE 5521 & 5522 if credit for ECE 5520 has been earned.

Choose two or three courses from the School of Business.

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For all certificate programs, students must have an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from an ABET accredited university with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Some graduate engineers from other disciplines may be successful in power systems; however they may need an additional foundation in mathematics (e.g. WPI's MA 501 Engineering Mathematics course).

Have additional questions about admissions or program requirements? Please contact our WPI Online team to review individual situations.

Online Open House

Attend an online power systems engineering open house and learn more about our program.

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