WPI's graduate certificate in system dynamics is focused on simulation modeling methods for experimental analysis and is aimed at solving a variety of problems in the private and public policy domains. Through five enlightening courses, you will gain a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding business issues and how to deal with them.

WPI also offers an online MS in System Dynamics.


The graduate certificate in system dynamics requires the successful completion of 5 courses and 15 credit hours. The specific courses are determined in conjunction with an academic advisor and are chosen from those listed below. All courses are three credits each unless otherwise specified.


  • SD 550. System Dynamics Foundation: Managing Complexity

Recommended (choose four courses, 12 credits)

  • SD 551. Modeling and Experimental Analysis of Complex Problems
  • SD 553. Model Analysis and Evaluation Techniques
  • SD 556. Strategic Modeling and Business Dynamics
  • SD 557. Latent Structures, Unintended Consequences, and Public Policy
  • SD 558. Introduction to Agent-Based Modeling
  • SD 560. Strategy Dynamics
  • SD 562. Project Dynamics
  • SD 565. Macroeconomic Dynamics
  • SS 590. Special Topics in System Dynamics (credit as specified)

View the Online MS in System Dynamics to see the current course schedule.


Students must have an undergraduate degree, in any area of study, from an accredited university.

If the person is driven and wants to learn more about computational modeling to improve business, environmental, or civic processes I would suggest that they pursue graduate courses in system dynamics.
Munaf S.O. Aamir
National Infrastructure Simulations and Analysis Center (NISAC)
Sandia National Laboratories, New Mexico

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