Independent Study/Project

Build Your Own Curriculum through the Independent Study/Project

Imagine a university where you can design your own program of study and choose the subjects you wish to investigate. At WPI, that’s reality.

Through the Independent Study/Project (ISP), you’ll be encouraged to take control of your education by developing a proficiency in a field of your choosing and studying the subject matter that inspires you most. The ISP enables you to design your own courses, create your own projects, and take ownership of your curriculum.

The ISP is crafted by you, the student. It’s designed to help you augment and deepen your experience studying physics at WPI. It allows you to explore any aspect of physics that intrigues you—even if it’s not being offered currently as a class or research topic.

The ISP may take the form of a student working one on one with a professor, or it may be a group of students who want to explore something together working with a member of the faculty. The ISP can take the form of a class, a research topic, or a seven-week project. Get the form here.

Below is a list of recent ISP topics that students in the Physics department at WPI have worked on:

  • Particle Physics
  • Cosmology
  • String Theory
  • Thermodynamics


The Independent Study/Project

Germano Iannacchione, head of the department of Physics at WPI, explains the advantages of the Independent Study/Project.

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