MS Program for Educators

Master of Science in Physics for Educators (MPED)

Designed especially for middle school, high school and community college educators, the MPED program puts the emphasis of coursework, combined with a section of courses on assessment and evaluation theory, and a culminating project designed by the participant.

Helps Working Teachers Improve STEM Learning

This program is designed to give current educators in Physics the opportunity to pursue an advanced degree in their content area while retaining their professional position. Teachers will find that the integration of courses in Physics as well as in pedagogic efficacy with an interest-based master-level project-all during late afternoon and evening class times-will fit their needs as busy professionals while broadening their capabilities, to bring dramatic change to their classrooms.

The content courses have been crafted to be the perfect blend of richness and usefulness that will leave educators walking away masters of their subject, as well as more efficient at conveying content and assessing student learning success. Not only will the program offer the most up-to-date information possible, but participants will regularly be able to keep track of groundbreaking research currently underway at WPI, led by renowned faculty experts.

A Good Choice to Upgrade Licensing

Teachers in Massachusetts are currently required by law (603 CMR 7.00), to obtain a professional license five years after receiving their initial license. The master’s degree, among other options, constitutes a good choice for full-time educators to become eligible for a professional license, as well as a possible increase in pay according to the rules of their district. 

Program Description

The minimum number of credits for the MS-STEM for Educators degree is 30 credit hours (conforming to the established WPI rules for a master's degree) with the following credit distribution:

 Area  Credits  Notes
 A. Education Theory   9  MS-STEM Core
 B. Phsyics Content      15      Discipline Specific
 C. Major Project in STEM Area  9  MS-STEM Core

Admission Requirements:

Candidates for the MS-STEM for Educators program must have a bachelor's degree and must possess a background equivalent to at least a minor in one of the STEM or a full-time teaching position in one of the disciplines. The program is intended for in-service educators.

The program builds upon the current Master in Mathematics for Educators (MME) program, but does not alter the MME in any way. The program structure follows closely the Massachusetts law guidelines regarding the graduate degree requirements for in-service grade 6 - 12 educators in STEM as well as the experience learned in the MME program that matches the in-service educators.

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