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In our LAUNCH program, participants use state-of-the-art research and technology and work with WPI’s renowned faculty to find solutions to current problems in a variety of scientific fields. There is the option to attend LAUNCH during the day as a commuter student, or stay overnight on WPI’s campus as a residential student.

Audience: Entering Grades 9 & 10

Dates: June 22-26, 2020 (residential participants move in June 21)

Cost: $895.00 (Commuters) & $1295.00 (Residential)


Choose from one of the following programs:

Apps For Good

Participants will explore the use of technology to identify and solve problems in our community. Blending entrepreneurial and computer science concepts, course staff will guide participants through a rapid development life cycle from launch to pitch. Participants will prototype an app, explore design and programming approaches, and present their ideas to a group.

Biology & Biotechnology: Manipulating the Living World

Discover what’s really going on  inside the foods we eat and the ground we walk on. Through experiments and discussions, learn to change the living world through biotechnology. Participants of this program become part of an ever growing community from around the world, contributing to scientific discovery and learning the responsibilities of global citizenship.  At the end of the week, participants’ families are invited to campus to hear of the discoveries made during the week and to enjoy some liquid nitrogen ice cream!

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Explore the world from the point of view of atoms to learn how we covert energy from sunlight, store energy in chemical bonds, and release energy back into the wild.  You will think about how we use chemistry every day, learn how material properties impact our lives, and control atoms and bonds to make new materials with new properties that have yet to be discovered!

Computer Science

Participants are able to explore multiple areas of computer science, and select their own path by completing several self-paced tutorial modules. Course staff provides education on programming basics, which participants apply to a project such as a creating a cloud platform based personal webpage.


Cybersecurity is at the forefront of contemporary issues for computer systems.  In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity for significant hands on experiences with topics such as Web-App security, network security, forensics, system security, cryptography and privacy. Participants will use appropriate tools and may include programming for analysis of data.

Drone Exploration

Lighten up and fly! In this workshop, participants will not only fly miniature aircraft indoors, but will also learn math and science concepts that make aircraft fly. Participants will learn how a precise force balance keeps aircraft flying, the science behind understanding where these forces come from, and the math needed to balance them. Participants will also learn to program the aircraft to perform various tasks and maneuvers.

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Circuits, circuits, circuits!  Everything that uses electricity from your smart phone to electric cars and robots relies on the concept of a simple circuit in order to function.  In this beginning electrical engineering course, you will explore the basic concepts of circuits, learn the physics behind circuits, and use state of the art technology to design, build and test your own devices.  

Interactive Media & Game Development

From art to engine!  This intense week of fun and learning will teach students how to create a character model, set it up for animation and import it into the Unreal game engine. Students will work in industry standard tools, modeling in Zbrush, rigging and animating in Maya and finally lighting and rendering in unreal. Students will be provided with completed assignments if they can’t reach their vision in time. But a special focus is placed on teaching them where to go when the class is over to continue their favorite part of the process.


Through a combination of lectures, audio-visual presentations, hands-on laboratory experiments, and visits to research facilities, the foundations of Physics are explored.  How we know what we know, especially when we don't even understand what we know will be the theme!


Discover the science and technology of this exciting field. Participants learn about mechanical design, sensors, and programming by building designs using Vex robots. They then get the opportunity to program their creations using c/c++. Challenging robotics problems will culminate in a competition between student groups at the end of the week.


WPI reserves the right to cancel these tracks and reassign students to other tracks or refund your tuition.