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More than an Academic Experience

Frontiers for Credit is a five-week online college course. High school students will register for a WPI online course and have access to the Frontiers services that will support their academic engagement throughout the summer. Upon completion of the program, students will receive an official WPI transcript.

Example Schedule 

This is an example of a schedule of "A Day in the Life" of taking a WPI summer course. All Frontiers services are optional and offered at different times to accommodate student schedules and preferences. Students may arrange their day however they would like, whether it is sleeping in and staying up late to do course work, OR spreading the work out in small sections throughout the day. Please note timeframes given are based on Eastern Standard Time, U.S.

Student working at computer

A day in the life: Frontiers for Credit

8:30-10:00 AM Learn and Review Course Content (Independent Study)
10:30-11:30 AM Drop-in Tutoring Sessions with Online Program Assistants
12:00-1:00 PM Interview Skill Workshop
1:00-2:00 PM Lab or Project Work
2:00-4:00 PM Watch Recording of Professor’s Lecture
4:00-4:30 PM Rest & Recharge
5:00-5:30 PM Virtual Herd Hangout
6:00-7:00 PM Dinner with the Dean
8:00-9:00 PM Virtual Program: Minecraft Server & Broadway Musical Bingo


Welcome & Orientation 

Frontiers for Credit will be offering a student and family orientation to share available resources, get set up on the online learning platforms (Zoom and Canvas), and have live conversations with the WPI Community.

Our orientation schedule will include: 

  • Welcome to WPI & Frontiers for Credit
  • Technology Overview & Services 
  • Herd Group Introductions & Hangouts
  • Advice from WPI undergraduates
  • Parent & Family Engagement (throughout the program)
  • Live Q & A with WPI staff
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Academic Overview & Support 

A typical WPI summer course is about 28-35 hours of class time throughout the 5 weeks, with about 10-15 hours of homework time per week. For example, a student may be in class for 75 minutes and do homework for 3 hours, per day. Each course has a different structure and schedule, depending on the professor and course material. All components of the course are virtual which may include lectures, hands-on exercises, team projects, and labs. We will be offering intentional academic support services to assist students which include:

  • Group Tutoring Sessions, Homework Hangouts, & Study Sessions: We know students will be learning from different time zones and have other commitments, so the times for services will range daily. Each of these sessions will be led by current WPI undergraduate students who have taken the same or similar courses. Also professors host weekly office hours for students to connect regarding course content.

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College Access Overview & Resources 

We understand that the college search process can be overwhelming. That is why getting you prepared for your college journey is one of our priorities. Through this program you are able to schedule an official WPI Admissions Interview (optional) that can be added to your undergraduate application for WPI. Students will also gain access to an Admissions 101 session to gain an inside view on the actual process. 

Some additional programs include: 

  • College Planning Night for Students and Families 
  • Resume Workshops 
  • Dinner with the Deans series
  • Admissions 101
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Student Engagement Overview & Opportunities  

WPI is known for the community we build with one another each and every day. We are going to bring this same community we know and love to our virtual program. Our mission is for high schoolers to build connections and make lasting bonds with students with similar interests from around the world while connecting them to current undergrads, staff and faculty at WPI. 

Some of our exciting online programs will include: 

  • E-Sport & Gaming Opportunities 
  • Virtual Talent Show 
  • Virtual Games & Events 
  • Virtual Community Service Opportunities 
parent working on computer



Parent and Family Opportunities

We know that this is a pivotal time for not just our students but their families as well. Throughout Frontiers for Credit our staff will be providing engagement opportunities for parents and family members as they encourage their students to embark on their online learning. 

Programs Include:

  • College Planning Night for Students and Families 
  • WPI Undergraduate Information Session
  • Support your Student in Online Learning
financial literacy workshop


Financial Literacy Workshops

Do you plan to be wealthy?  This course will help students understand financial concepts and how to apply them.  The course begins by answering questions like:

  • Why should I want to learn financial literacy?
  • What are some typical incomes for various occupations?
  • How do people become wealthy?

The course then moves into forecasting by creating a life-long financial plan on a spreadsheet. Students will do this during in-class workshops with coaching. Each student will learn how to use a spreadsheet program to build their own financial forecast model. The model will help them formulate their own plan to become wealthy.