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When will we know if our child has been accepted to Camp Reach?

Camp Reach Staff needs approximately 2-3 weeks to process applications and make a random selection of applicants from completed applications.  All applicants will be notified of their acceptance status by early May.  If an applicant is not drawn in the lottery, that does not reflect the quality of her application or her potential to do well in engineering and science.  We encourage applicants who are not selected to consider attending one of our many other summer programs.

Who will be supervising my child?

The program is supervised by two co-directors, including the Director of Pre-collegiate Outreach Programs and a professor of mechanical engineering. In addition, the campers are supervised during the day by middle school teachers. During the evenings, campers are supervised by a staff of Resident Assistants (RAs) who are WPI college students. In addition, a WPI Residential Life on-call professional staff member is available during evening hours. There are also six to nine volunteer high school counselors who are with the campers at all times. Throughout the program, staff supervision exceeds the state regulations for the number of girls attending the program. All staff undergoes CORI and SORI reviews before being employed by Camp Reach.

Can I communicate with my child while she is at camp?

Campers have an opportunity to communicate with family and friends via email every morning from 8-9 AM.  Unless there is an emergency, phone calls to or from campers will be restricted to ONE phone call on Sunday, half-way through the program. Phones will be supplied for the phone calls home; campers are not allowed to bring cell phones. We have found from experience that this policy is effective in reducing homesickness and helps us meet program goals. Parents, family, and friends are encouraged to send email, cards, letters, and care packages, and can contact the program staff at any time if you are concerned about your child. 

Where will my daughter be staying  while she is on campus?

Participants will reside in a WPI residence hall during the summer program.  Staying in residence at WPI for the entire duration of the program is required, even for girls who live nearby. The thirty girls will be supervised in the residence hall by female college student counselors and at least six female high school students, all of whom are carefully screened and trained. We do not consider requests for roommates, so that all girls can have the same opportunity to make friends with roommates whom they don’t initially know. Residence halls are not air conditioned and campers are strongly encouraged to bring a fan with them to camp.

Where will my daughter be eating while she is on campus?

Three meals per day will be provided by WPI Dining Services. Plenty of choices are available, including vegetarian options. With advance notice, special meals can be prepared for those with other dietary restrictions.

What is the procedure in the event of health issues or medical emergencies?

Camp Reach employs an on-site Health Care Supervisor who will address any injuries or sickness immediately. If a participant is feeling sick (mildly ill) and the situation is not life-threatening, the health care professional will speak to the participant and work with the Office of Pre-collegiate Outreach Programs.  Our staff will contact the parent/guardian and determine the response, which may include sending the child home.

If a Pre-collegiate Outreach staff member or health care professional encounters any dangerous or life-threatening condition, an emergency health care protocol is in place which includes reporting the emergency to campus police immediately.  Camp Reach maintains a full policies and procedures manual which will be made available to parents of accepted campers. 

If you need additional information, contact the Office of Pre-collegiate Programs at 508-831-4900 or