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Camp Reach Makes A Positive Difference Over the Long Term

  • More girls from the Camp Reach population enrolled in the Mass Academy of Math and Science as high school students.
  • Camp Reach participants gave more complete definitions of engineering and recalled program activities involving working together in teams to solve problems and to create structures or products.
  • Almost 18 percent of Camp Reach participants intended on pursuing an engineering major in college, as compared with 2.9 percent in a control group and a national average of 2.5 percent for women.
  • Regardless of education or career plans, participants cite Camp Reach as providing a sense of empowerment and self-confidence.

Applicants to Camp Reach are an Important Population to Support

  • As high school students, all study groups showed high self-ratings of computer skills, math abilities, and intellectual self-confidence compared to national averages for women.
  • High enrollments in calculus, physics, and STEM enrichment activities as high school students.
Presidential Awrd

Receives Presidential Award for Excellence in STEM Mentoring

Awarded the "Presidential Award for Excellence in STEM Mentoring," Camp Reach will help you see the engineering, math, and science concepts in everyday activities—from designing a roller coaster to making a sundae or lacing up your shoes. 

Camp Reach

Receives 2003 Women in Engineering Award

National nonprofit organization representing 200 engineering schools, Fortune 500 corporations, and nonprofit organizations, recognized Camp Reach for encouraging young women in engineering & science and for serving as an outstanding model program.

WPI professors and students present workshops on robotics, bioengineering, environmental engineering, and rockets. They provide positive role models for the impressionable middle school girls, helping to build their self-confidence in math and science.
Tracy Lawrence
Mathematics Teacher
Mountview Middle School
I do not think I would have been as excited about engineering or even given it a chance if I had not been exposed to it at an early age
Jennifer Giard
Camp Reach ’01, TA ’06, RA ’07 ‘08
Ocean Engineering Major, University of Rhode Island