In our LAUNCH program, participants use state-of-the-art research and technology and work with WPI’s renowned faculty to find solutions to current problems in a variety of scientific fields. There is the option to attend LAUNCH during the day as a commuter student, or stay overnight on WPI’s campus as a residential student.

Audience: Entering Grades 9 & 10

Dates: June 24-28, 2019 (residential participants move in June 23)

Cost: $795.00 (Commuters) & $1295.00 (Residential)


Choose from one of the following STEM Courses:


This program focuses on the study of soil ecology and the microscopic creatures that inhabit our environment. Participants become part of the scientific community by contributing their findings to databases of information gathered by people across the country. At the end of the week, participants’ families are invited to campus to have homemade liquid nitrogen ice cream, and enjoy a presentation of the discoveries made.

Chemistry/ Biochemistry

Activities included in this track provide education on how to alter liquids, wield light and electricity, and cut/splice genes to create glowing creatures. Participants are able to work with bubbling flasks of colored concoctions during the week to practice their new talents.

Computer Science

Participants are able to explore multiple areas of computer science, and select their own path by completing several self-paced tutorial modules. Course staff provides education on programming basics, which participants apply to a project such as a creating a cloud platform based personal webpage.


Cybersecurity is at the forefront of contemporary issues for computer systems.  In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity for significant hands on experiences with topics such as Web-App security, network security, forensics, system security, cryptography and privacy. Participants will use appropriate tools and may include programming for analysis of data.

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Description Coming Soon...

Environmental Modeling

Through computer modeling, online simulations and hands-on games, participants explore the concept of sustainability, and gain a new perspective on some of today’s toughest environmental issues. Some topics that are covered include natural resource balance, regulating industries for sustainability, and the impact of the climate.

Interactive Media & Game Development

Participants learn how to use a 3D video game engine to create a game with graphics, sound, and animation, and work in teams on hands-on lab exercises to understand important computer science and artistic design concepts related to interactive media. By the end of the week, participants will have created a project demonstrating their newfound skills with cool graphics and amazing animation, complete with audio and interactivity.

Manufacturing Engineering

In this workshop, participants explore WPI's state-of-the-art manufacturing engineering laboratories as they learn about advanced automation techniques. Participants work hands-on with lab equipment to design and build components that will come together as a functional assembly by the end of the week.


Through a combination of lectures, audio-visual presentations, hands-on laboratory experiments, and visits to research facilities, the foundations of Physics are explored.  How we know what we know, especially when we don't even understand what we know will be the theme!


Discover the science and technology of this exciting field. Participants learn about mechanical design, sensors, and programming by building designs using Vex robots. They then get the opportunity to program their creations using easyC. Challenging robotics problems will culminate in a competition between student groups at the end of the week.