The content below holds all information and rules required to ensure a smooth experience for the attendee. We think our plans will give you a summer experience like none other–challenging, well-balanced, and of course, fun!

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Get ready for liftoff!

  • Opening and Closing Days
    Opening Day

    Opening day begins on Sunday with check-in and move-in into the residence halls beginning at 6:00 pm, followed by information sessions for both participants and families. Families should plan to depart from campus at 7:45 pm, which is when participants will continue with their schedule of ice breakers and games, a scavenger hunt, orientation, floor meeting, unpacking, and more. The opening day schedule will be sent to participants prior to their arrival which will outline additional details.

    When participants and families arrive on campus, they should drive to the Bartlett Center, found at 60 Institute Road, Worcester, MA. There will be signage and staff to greet and guide participants through the check-in and move-in process. The process is designed so that participants can drive their vehicles in close proximately to the residence halls for convenience of moving all belongings into their room.  Please note that we will have staff available to assist in escorting participants to their room with their belongings. Once all belongings are unloaded from the vehicle, the driver should park in the WPI Parking Garage, which is located at 151 Salisbury Street, Worcester, MA and then walk to the residence hall to reunite with the participant. 

    Closing Day

    Closing day activities begin on Friday at 1:30 pm for the Robotics Program and 3:00 pm for all other programs. There will be academic showcases, closing ceremony, slideshow, and moving out of the residence halls. Participants should plan to move out of the residence hall between 3:00 - 5:00 pm.  Participants must return their room key at the check-out table in the lobby of the residence hall. Please note that the WPI Campus Bookstore will be open from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm and is located on the entrance level of the Rubin Campus Center.  The closing day schedule will be sent to participants prior to their arrival which will outline additional details.

  • Opening and Closing Days - Campus Map

    Refer to this map for reference.

  • Program Schedule and Activities

    Participants will have the same general schedule with class from 9:00 am - 12:30 pm and 1:30 - 4:00 pm. All three meals will be in the dining hall, followed by activities throughout the evening until 10:00 pm.  A few examples of activities from previous years include Minute To Win It games, billiards, movie nights, soccer, ultimate Frisbee, trivia, ice cream socials, bowling, mini-golf, and more.

  • Meals and Dining Hall Information

    Morgan Dining Hall provides an array of food, including a complete a salad bar, vegan /vegetarian items, sandwiches, chicken tenders, French fries, pizza, and pasta!  In addition, there is whole and sliced fruit, yogurt, baked goods, and soft serve ice cream are offered for dessert!

    We are happy to accommodate participants with food allergies and other dietary concerns, including, but not limited to vegan, vegetarian, and Halal meals.  If there is a dietary accommodation, please inform our office by June 1 so that we can provide the best dining experience for your participant.

    We have removed the presence of peanuts and tree nuts from this dining hall in order to allow summer participants with nut allergies more freedom of choice.  In order to ensure this policy, no outside food is allowed in the dining hall. If this is a concern, please reach out to the Office of Pre-collegiate Outreach Programs at


    Special Dietary Concerns:

    We have a Balance U Station that prepares a tasty menu line without the “Top 8” allergens or gluten (milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat and soybean). Our culinary staff and associates at the station are all specially trained to limit cross-contact during food prep.

    There is an area of the dining hall, called S.P.A.C.E. (Special Product Allergen Controlled Eating) which has a wide variety of packaged gluten-free foods, cereals, snacks, breads, and prepared pasta. A toaster and microwave oven are also available in this area, and are used only for gluten-free foods to minimize cross-contamination. Non-dairy milk beverages are also available.

    Please contact Shavaun Cloran, Registered Dietitian, at for any specific concerns/questions.

  • Staffing Information

    All programs are overseen by several staff members with expertise in engineering, teaching, outreach programs, admissions, and student life. This staff supports summer and academic year efforts in inspiring and reaching youth to spark a passion for STEM.  During summer programs, the entire WPI community is involved in supporting our programs, including our WPI undergraduate students who serve as daytime counselors, called Program Assistants (PAs). For participants in the Launch residential program, evening hours are with WPI undergraduate students, called Residential Program Assistants (RPAs).  They are carefully selected due to their demonstrated leadership skills, maturity, experience with youth, and ability to serve as a role model. Within the classroom, both Instructors and Teaching Assistants (TAs) provide foundational content that is built upon throughout the week. All faculty and staff have been through extensive training and a background check. Throughout the program, staff supervision ratios exceed camp association recommendations.

  • Housing and Laundry

    Participants live in a WPI residence hall during the program and are supervised in the residence hall by WPI undergraduate students, Residential Program Assistants (RPAs). Depending on the specific residence hall assigned, each participant will have one or two roommates and are assigned to a room and floor of their gender identity.  Room assignments will be given on opening day at check-in. Each participant will have their own bed, dresser, desk, and closet. Sheets, a towel, and a pillow are supplied; see “What To Bring” for more information.

    Residence halls are not air conditioned, so we highly recommend bringing a fan. Washers and dryers are not available since it is a one week program.

  • Suggested Packing List

    Residence hall rooms include linens (sheets, a towel, and a pillow), however we suggest that you bring the following items.

    • clothing items
    • fan
    • hygiene products
    • laundry items (quarters, detergent, softener)
    • long pants and closed toed shoes (some labs require for safety)
    • money for the bookstore
    • snacks (must be nut-free)
    • sunscreen
    • toiletries and shower shoes
    • umbrella

    *It is strongly advised not to bring any valuables (expensive jewelry, games, TVs, tablets, etc.)

  • Health Care

    A summer health care center is open 24/7 to all program participants, with registered nurses. If your participant needs to take prescription medication while on campus, this should be given to the health care staff when they first arrive on campus at drop-off.  Families will pick up the medication from the nursing staff on the last day of the program. Prescriptions must be in their original packaging with the prescribing physician and dosage listed.

  • Campus Safety

    Campus Police and WPI community work collaboratively to keep our campus a safe and enjoyable place to live and visit.  For further information about the Campus Police Department, please visit their website.

    All summer program participants are required to wear lanyards with ID Cards or badges for identification purposes and are not permitted to leave campus without staff knowledge.

  • Program Policies

    The WPI Pre-Collegiate Outreach Programs strives to provide a safe, secure, educational and fun environment for our summer programs participants. In order to achieve this, we ask that all parents, guardians and participants follow all policies that are outlined. 

    Please visit our Program Policies webpage for complete details.

  • Financial Assistance

    The Office of Pre-collegiate Outreach Programs offers financial assistance for families with demonstrated financial need.  Please see our webpage here with more details.

  • Forms and Payment

    We require the following items to be submitted by June 1 so that we can fully prepare all of our camps and programs. All forms can be uploaded through your account.  If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Pre-collegiate Outreach Programs by phone at 508-831-4900 or email at

    • Payment in full.
    • A copy of the participant’s most recent physical and immunizations from a physician. These documents must be within the last 18 months.
    • A headshot photo of the participant so that it can be included on the roster for instructors and medical staff.  The photograph should be of the head and shoulders only and clearly show your face without hats, sunglasses, headphones, or other accessories. The photo should preferably have a plain white background and saved as a .jpg. *Participants will be issued a WPI Photo ID, which will include this headshot photo.  Participants are asked to carry the WPI ID during the program since it will grant access to residence halls, academic buildings, labs, and other facilities on campus.
    • The Off-Campus Release Form gives permission for WPI to transport participants off-campus for field trips.
    • The Sports and Recreation Center Agreement gives permission for the participant to utilize the facilities. 
    • (Optional) The Housing Preference Form will help to best-match roommates who have commonalities as far as the importance of a clean room or they wake up early/go to bed late.