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Thanks to a grant from the Governor’s STEM Advisory Council, the STEM Education Center developed a special challenge for PK-6 students: I am STEM – STEM I am.

The STEM Week challenge focuses on solving problems in books and designed to empower students to become problem solvers. All lessons are aligned with grade-level ELA and math or STE standards.

STEM Week 2020, STEM I am

I am STEM - STEM I am

Looking for new ways to engage your students during STEM Week? Thanks to a grant from the MA STEM Advisory Council, you can join us for an interactive and immersive FREE online professional development experience for PK-6 Educators.  Identify the steps of the engineering design process and work together with colleagues to solve problems in storybooks aligned with grade level standards.  Then, guide your students to collaboratively solve problems too!  Take the idea back to your classroom and use it as presented or use your new found knowledge to develop additional problem solving activities that your students will love.  

The I am STEM lesson library was created by teachers for teachers!  It consists of a wide variety of STEM challenges for PK-6 Educators, all focused around solving problems in books! The library will be available to all educators before, during, and after STEM Week.  Be sure to check it out and choose your STEM Week book today!

Questions?  Contact Donna at