Beyond the STEM Education Center, other departments at WPI also offer professional development to PreK-12 educators in STEM fields. Learn more about these programs below.

Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science Professional Development

Offered by: The Mass Academy of Math and Science

Target audience: Middle and high school teachers

Description: Variety of workshops on STEM teaching and learning are offered by Mass Academy teachers and staff members. Visit WPI’s Massachusetts Academy of Math & Science for details and to register.


Offered by: ASSISTments at WPI

Target audience: K-12 math teachers

Description: ASSISTments is an online tutoring program that gives immediate feedback to teachers, students, school administrators, and parents. ASSISTments has flexible content for teachers to use pre-built problem sets, edit pre-built problem sets, or build their own problem sets. Professional development opportunities are scheduled often, please visit the ASSISTments website for more information.


Offered by: the Bootstrap team including WPI Professor Kathi Fisler

Target audience: Middle and high school math teachers

Description: Bootstrap is a curricular module for students ages 12-16, which teaches algebraic and geometric concepts through computer programming. Workshops for math & CS teachers are available.


Offered by: Science Inquiry Learning Group (SLINQ)

Target audience: Middle school science teachers

Description: Inq-ITS, an online educational environment designed by the SLINQ group, lets students interact with materials from physical, life, and earth sciences in an engaging way while also providing teachers with real time, actionable data. For physical science, there's even built-in tutoring available with Rex the dinosaur.

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