The STEM Education Center

The STEM Center at WPI

Welcome to the STEM Education Center at WPI

The STEM Education Center is an exciting place to be. Armed with a team of experts and visionaries, the Center will help address a critical shortage of math and science teachers and improve the preparedness of teachers in primary and secondary schools.

STEM Education Center Areas of Focus

Learn more about the many different opportunities the STEM Education Center has to offer.

Licensure and Degree Programs

WPI offers a truly unique opportunity for students and in-service teachers. Not only do our students become part of a rigorous academic program in STEM-related fields, they also prepare for a teaching career that uses innovative leading-edge pedagogy methods. For in-service teachers, WPI provides content based courses at an advanced level leading to a Master’s degree. Learn more... 

Professional Development for Educators

Our faculty team has created and assembled an outstanding set of training modules and tools for K–12 educators and administrators to assist them in providing better education and to engage young people in STEM disciplines. Learn more...

Research on Teaching and Learning

To maintain our cutting edge focus on education, both faculty and students invest in research on how we learn and how we teach. Partnering with corporations and like-minded organizations, we never stop learning and improving. Innovation in STEM education drives us. Learn more...