Health Systems Innovation Certificate

The Health Systems Innovation Certificate prepares you for growing career opportunities in the healthcare industry. Driven by the need to provide access to excellent care for everyone at a reasonable cost, growing career opportunities exist with service providers, medical device and equipment manufacturers, insurance providers, smartphone application developers, electronic health record system and other software vendors.

WPI’s Graduate Certificate Programs help technical and business professionals keep up with changing technology—and the accompanying business issues—by targeting specific areas of technology management.

If you decide to pursue further study, certificate credits can be applied toward a graduate degree.



To apply for this certificate program, you must have a BS degree in any discipline.

The graduate certificate in Health Systems Innovation requires completion of four courses: two required courses for a total of six credits and two three-credit elective courses.

Two Required Courses (6 credits)

  1. BUS 545: Introduction to Health Systems
  2. OIE 556: Health Systems Modeling and Improvement

Two Electives

  1. FIN 500: Financial Information and Management
  2. MIS 500: Innovating with Information Systems
  3. MIS 584: Business Intelligence
  4. OBC 505: Teaming and Organizing for Innovation
  5. OIE 501: Designing Operations for Competitive Advantage
  6. OIE 542: Risk Management and Decision Making
  7. OIE 544: Supply Chain Analysis and Design
  8. OIE 552: Modeling and Optimizing Processes
  9. OIE 555: Lean Processing Design
  10. OIE 558: Designing and Managing Six-Sigma Processes
  11. OIE 559: Optimization Methods for Business Analytics
  12. DS 501: Introduction to Data Science
  13. SYS 501: Concepts of Systems Engineering