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Developing and marketing new products and services requires today's professionals to recognize opportunities in the digital and tech space, and then create and implement programs that reach and engage customers. You’ll acquire these skills and more in the Master of Science in Marketing and Innovation program. By recognizing the unique needs of technology-oriented environments and how to meet them head-on, you’ll gain valuable, marketable skills as you prepare to take on a leadership role.



The MS in Marketing and Innovation 36-credit program is designed for aspiring marketing leaders responsible for innovation within technology-oriented environments. You’ll learn how to create and apply comprehensive marketing strategies, design new product development processes, transform data into useful business intelligence, and understand consumer behavior and risk management across regions and cultures. You determine the right number of classes to take each semester. In the classroom you will benefit from rich discussions and a supportive learning atmosphere.

  • Plan of Study

    MSMI students must complete the six courses listed below:

    • ETR 500 Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    • FIN 500 Financial Information and Management
    • MKT 500 Marketing Management
    • MKT 562 Marketing Research
    • MKT 565 Digital Marketing
    • OBC 505 Teaming and Organizing for Innovation
  • Students then select four electives from the following list:
    • ETR 596 Selling and Sales
    • MIS 583 User Experience Applications
    • MIS 585 User Experience Design
    • MKT 561 Consumer Behavior
    • MKT 564 Global Technology Marketing
    • MKT 567 Integrated Marketing Communications
    • MKT 568 Data Mining Business Applications
    • MKT 569 Product and Brand Management
    • OIE 544 Supply Chain Analysis and Design
  • Students round out their MSMI with two free electives:

    which may include courses outside of the Foisie Business School, and a maximum of three credits of internship.

Financial Information

Tuition is based on the current curriculum for the MS program which is 36 credits. The current price of tuition is $1,610 per credit making the total cost for the program $57,960 in tuition only. For more detailed information on tuition – including fees – please visit the complete breakdown of costs on the Financial Aid page.

Faculty Profiles

Faculty Profiles

Adrienne  Hall-Phillips

Adrienne Hall-Phillips

Associate Professor

Being an educator is more than just distributing facts and figures; it's demonstrating the importance of this knowledge in a way that can be relevant for every learner. It's not truly knowledge until the student can grasp and apply it. I consider myself to be an advocate for knowledge - encouraging learning and providing the tools needed to be successful and independent thinkers. I take any opportunity possible to introduce new technologies and social networking behaviors that I feel are relevant into my daily classroom activities.

Purvi  Shah

Purvi Shah

Assistant Professor

Purvi has 'done' marketing and now she 'teaches' marketing at the WPI Foisie Business School. She has a diverse industry experience in the marketing/brand management function of mid-size to large corporations across consumer goods, retail, and real estate verticals. In academics, she aspires to play her role as a researcher (knowledge creation) and teacher (knowledge dissemination). Her research questions, in the context of discovery, attempt to explain and understand interesting and challenging marketing phenomena that have not received much research attention.

Edward Martins Gonsalves

Edward Martins Gonsalves


Professor Gonsalves is currently a full time instructor in the Foisie Business School. He is a graduate of Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Management Science.

Professor Gonsalves’ career has spanned thirty five years in the technology field, having held positions in design, applications, sales, marketing, business development and management. He is the holder of 9 patents and has presented at a variety of industry conferences in the area of RFID.