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Robotics Engineering Management Certificate

WPI’s Robotics Engineering Management Graduate Certificate gives a solid foundation in the fundamental disciplines of robotics engineering and the business management principles in the field.

An interdisciplinary Robotics Engineering Management Graduate Certificate offers the expertise of our engineering faculty and our faculty in WPI’s Foisie Business School. The approach gives you an awareness of the systems and management contexts within which robotic systems are engineered. This deeper understanding and applicable knowledge will help you advance in your career or take you a step closer to earning your master of science in the field.

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The course work in the interdisciplinary Robotics Engineering Management Graduate Certificate program establishes a solid understanding of the fundamentals of management systems, computer science, electrical and computer engineering, mathematics, and mechanical engineering underlying robotic systems.

Completion of the Robotics Engineering Management Graduate Certificate requires 18 course credits and includes the following core courses:

  • RBE 500 Foundations of Robotics – 3 credits
  • ME/RBE 501 Robot Dynamics – 3 credits
  • SYS 501 Concepts of Systems Engineering – 3 credits
  • Business School Courses with advisor approval – 6 credits
  • CS/ECE/ME/RBE/SYS Business graduate-level elective with advisor approval – 3 credits

As an interdisciplinary program, no more than half of the required program credits can be earned from a single discipline. Academic advisors are responsible for approving elective choices on students’ Plan of Study forms. Students may apply credits obtained under this graduate certificate toward an advanced degree.

WPI offers both a Robotics Engineering Graduate Certificate and a Robotics Engineering Management Graduate Certificate. Students may not earn both Robotics Engineering and Robotics Engineering Management graduate certificates, but they are permitted to switch from one certificate program to the other.

For more information on the interdisciplinary Robotics Engineering Management Graduate Certificate, consult the Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs section of the current graduate course catalog for current offerings. 

If your degree is in another discipline, you may need additional course work to prepare for the program. Learn more about available prep courses.

Program Logistics

Students are eligible for admission into the graduate certificate program if they have earned an undergraduate degree from an accredited university consistent with the WPI Graduate Catalog. Students should have a bachelor’s degree in science or engineering. Students with other backgrounds will be considered based on their interest, formal education, and work experience.

Admission decisions will be made by the Robotics Engineering Graduate Program Committee and program director based on all factors presented in the application, including prior academic performance, quality of professional experience, and letters of recommendation.