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As you take classes in WPI's virtual environment, we want to provide the information and resources you need to be ready to thrive in the online space. Below are a list of resources as well as an academic-centered FAQ. Undergraduates taking online classes will receive a weekly email with suggested resources and ideas to be successful that week as well as connecting you to virtual campus resources. You may not be on campus, but all of our offices are ready to support you throughout the term. 

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Just in Time Tips Newsletter

Welcome to Summer! 

We are thrilled you're taking classes or completing project work with us. Each week of the term, you'll receive an email that contains a community check-in survey to tell us how you are, tips that will be helpful for success that week, and more. If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out at

You might be wondering if your course happens on a certain day. Online courses do not have scheduled class times; students work at their own pace with available course materials, scheduled assignments, class check-ins, and exams. At the start of the course, faculty will share dates and times for activities, such as office hours or group meetings or check-ins. Typically, these are also recorded for students who cannot attend.

We are available over the next few days for drop-in support. If you have a question or want help troubleshooting something, join us on 5/21 from 12-1pm EST, 5/22 from 9-10am or 3-4pm EST, 5/26 from 9-10am or 4-5pm EST, or 5/27 from 12-1pm EST.
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Orientation Checklist:

Prepare for Success Checklist:

  • Find a space where you will do coursework.
  • Make a plan for how you will work daily.
  • Create a weekly schedule for yourself that includes time for classes and taking care of yourself. (Checkout the Online Student Center for ideas)
  • Keep your eye on Canvas to see when your professor makes your class available.
  • When it is available, check your course syllabus for important information.


We have many resources available to students taking online courses. From scientific or engineering software to the Global Lab (creating videos, websites, and more) to virtual activities to IT and software to project starter ideas and so much more, there is lots to check out. 

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Take a look at the Virtual Learning Hub!

Take a look in the Canvas Online Student Center!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Learning

Ways to Set Myself Up for Success


Ways to Connect Virtually

Technology and IT

General Course Questions

  • Will lectures be prerecorded or streamed?

    Most classes will occur asynchronously, and can be accessible when you have time. If your professor has meetings times they would like you to attend, this will be noted in Canvas and/or on the course syllabus. 

  • Will I get to see my instructor or will I have narrated slideshows?

    While narrated slideshows are common, how each professor teaches their course does vary. Many faculty will be able to hold virtual office hours utilizing tools such as Zoom. Check your course syllabus or email your professor or TA/PLA.

  • How will participation be monitored?

    This will vary course by course. We encourage you to read your course syllabus and reach out to your professor or TA/PLA. Professors can see how often you login, if you've accessed information, how long you've spent on content, and the percentage of work you've completed, among other things.

  • How will time zone differences be addressed?

    This will vary course by course. We encourage you to read your course syllabus and reach out to your professor or TA/PLA.

Helpful Resources

Online Exam Proctoring