Every company relies on technology, whether to manage complexity, reduce costs, improve quality, or bring new products to market faster. At WPI, we offer relevant undergraduate business programs to help you be a leading contributor in the business world. Our programs are distinguished by a strong technology management focus, real-world projects, and a global perspective. Our graduates are in high demand by employers and graduate schools. Most recently, the average starting salary of those going into business organizations was over $60,000.

Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineers have an important role in business, serving as a bridge between engineering and management to analyze and adapt processes or create new ones. Whether it's a manufacturing procedure, a staffing model, or the redesign of physical space, industrial engineers identify the people, technology, and information required for a process to be efficient—and determine how these resources should interact to be effective. 

At WPI, industrial engineering majors are immersed in current methods for design and analysis of processes; issues relative to design principles, such as lean manufacturing, and common problems, such as materials management, and how to address them; and the system view, which includes information technology, organizational behavior, supply chain planning and control, and financial analysis. Students also have traditional engineering, math, and science course work, an array of electives, and real-world project experiences.

WPI's Industrial Engineering Program prepares you with the knowledge, experience, and leadership skills to be able to tackle current and future organizational problems. Our graduates are recruited by such prestigious companies as Accenture, GE, and Gillette.  Learn more...


The management major at WPI prepares students to assume leadership roles in technology-based organizations. The curriculum is highly flexible so you can design a course of study to suit your career objectives, supported by the insights of your faculty advisor.

At WPI, you will gain broad exposure to all the major areas of business through a required set of foundation courses—and the collaborative environment and essential project work will help you develop skills in communication, presentation,  making, and leadership that will serve you for a lifetime.

WPI's Management Program prepares you to integrate technology and change into existing organizations, think critically and analytically, define and solve business problems, work effectively as part of team, think globally, and learn new skills in response to changing professional requirements.  Learn more...

Management Engineering

Virtually all the employers we talk with tell us they want to hire students who understand business and either technology or science. That is where WPI's management engineering students excel.

As a management engineering student at WPI, you will take all the basic courses in business and select a technical concentration in engineering—biomedical, civil, electrical, mechanical, manufacturing—or science. Additionally, you may select an operations concentration. Always, your advisor is available to help you create an individualized program.

Most MGE majors are hired into leadership programs—specialized rotational assignment programs where the companies groom the new hires for the fast track to success within their organizations.  Learn more...

Management Information Systems

Management information systems professionals serve the computer information systems needs of the business world. WPI's program in this area focuses on the development, use, and management of business computing applications. Course work blends business, computer science, and training in the design and development of integrated computer solutions to business problems.

At WPI, you will develop your abilities in business application platforms, development tools, and database, Web-based, and networked applications. Here, you will also learn to lead systems analysis and design projects, essential for integrating IT into existing organizations.

WPI's Management Information Systems Program will prepare you for real-world projects that use your problem-solving skills. Your active participation in class and on teams will give you a solid technical background in information technologies, as well as the strong communications skills required in business.  Learn more...