Graduation Requirements

Students take the equivalent of three courses (either as courses or project work) during each of four seven-week terms (two in the fall and two in the spring). Each course counts for one-third WPI unit. Each project counts as one full unit, or the equivalent of three courses. Students are ready to graduate after 16 WPI terms, or four years.

  • Humanities and Arts Component: five thematically related courses and a capstone seminar course or practicum
  • Interactive Project: team-based project that examines the impact of science and technology on society
  • Major Project: team-based research or design experience in the major field of study
  • 2 courses in the social sciences
  • 4 courses in physical education
  • Completion of at least 8 WPI units in residence at WPI
  • Completion of 15 WPI units overall
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