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WPI is the first nationally-ranked science and engineering university to have a test-optional admissions policy. Starting in 2007, students did not have to submit SAT or ACT scores to WPI.

WPI believes that standardized tests do not always show your potential for success, and that you should have the option to decide whether to submit test scores. You will indicate your choice in the application.

If you wish to, you can send us information reflecting your academic potential, such as summer program experiences, independent research or internships, portfolios of artistic endeavors, mechanical designs, or inventions.

Why is WPI test optional?

People usually think that standardized test scores are important to show what a student can do. But a more important predictor of academic success is student motivation and initiative. This is especially true at WPI, where students are expected to develop innovative approaches to real-world issues.

Can I submit standardized test scores AND supplemental materials?

You can submit none, either, or both. It is up to you which approach makes the strongest application.

Are certain applicants still required to submit test scores?

International students must demonstrate proof of English language proficiency.

WPI is a community first and an academic institution second, in my opinion. Being test-optional allows admissions to get to know the student, not the number and that gave me the confidence to apply to WPI.
Kelly C.
Being a test-optional university signals that WPI is more than just about test scores. It shows we really care about the whole person.
Kristin Tichenor
Director of Admissions at the time WPI went test-optional
I didn’t feel that my SAT and ACT scores reflected my academic ability, intellectual passion, curiosity, and work ethic. Being test-optional allowed me to showcase my abilities to one of my top schools.
Maggie V.

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