“This institution is turning out the best and brightest and if you want the competitive edge in today’s working world then WPI can offer that.  ”

- Ilea, Junior
Aerospace Engineering
Davenport, WA

Why did you choose WPI?

WPI really stood out to me because it not only offered a wide variety of majors but it also offered numerous projects and global opportunities. Once I had been accepted WPI students were calling me, sending me emails and postcards. This allowed me to ask questions to students who lived and breathed WPI every day. They made me feel included before I even set foot on campus.  

What has the coursework been like in your classes?

The course work at WPI is very fast paced and challenging. I enjoy constantly being pushed to new levels and being immersed in my material for seven weeks. My favorite class so far has been Astronautics. Right before the final my professor admitted that he hadn't yet figured out what was going to be on our exam. We had been discussing how a satellite that was recently launched had missed its orbit around Venus. The morning of my final I discovered that the exam was to calculate the exact trajectory that the missed satellite was supposed to travel to reach its orbit around Venus. It was exciting to have an exam so relevant to the major I wished to pursue! 

Do you participate in any activities or organizations?

I am a sister of Phi Sigma Sigma, an Admissions Intern, a member of the Society of Women Engineers, Colleges Against Cancer, Crimson Key Tour Guides, and I was on the Varsity Women’s Crew Team freshman year.

Why should other students select WPI?

You will become a better scholar and time manager if you attend WPI. This institution is turning out the best and brightest and if you want the competitive edge in today’s working world then WPI can offer that.

Student Facts

Name: Ilea
Major: Aerospace Engineering
Hometown: Davenport, WA
Favorite Activity: I love having bbq’s with organizations because it’s the opportunity to relax, eat food, and interact with friends that you might not get opportunity to see on a regular basis.
Favorite Hangouts: When the weather is nice I love to hang out on the quad. When the weather is bad I enjoy the campus center. Everyone filters in and out throughout the day so it’s the chance to run into each person.
Best Eats: I prefer the Goat’s Head Restaurant because of the food and live entertainment.
Favorite Event: I enjoyed Quad Fest because of all the opportunities we had to make/try a variety of activities. In addition, everyone was outside during D-term after a long winter soaking up some sunlight and hanging out.
Favorite school tradition: I like the Freshman –Sophomore Rope Pull because each year is something new and crazy.
Career Aspirations: Upon graduation I plan on acquiring a job in the aerospace industry as a stepping stone to applying to the astronaut corp with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

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