Why did you choose WPI?

I decided on WPI because of their group based learning system, their success in students finding jobs, and the Interactive Qualifying and Major Qualifying Projects.

What are you involved with on campus?

I’m with the Student Ambassadors Program & Crimson Key, I play on the Club Soccer Team and I participate in the Big Brother Big Sister Program in connection with a local elementary school.

What are the students like here?

WPI has a real diverse campus and you’ve got a big mix of students at the school. Its good because you can always find people that have the same interest as you and then you’ll find people that won’t.

What is the coursework like in your classes?

Coursework is a big change from High School. Only about 3 or 4 hours of classes each day but then there’s 3 or 4 or more hours of work done outside the classroom, but so far, everything has been manageable as long as you stay calm and work out a good schedule.

Why should other students slect WPI?

WPI is a great school for engineering with a hands-on learning system. You’re not only learning about the theory in class, but you working on the practice in the laboratories. I think it’s a great way to learn.

Student Facts

Name: Yann
Graduation Year
: 2012
Major: Mechanical Engineering with a manufacturing minor
Hometown: Germany
Favorite Activity: I’ll have to say seeing people come together to soccer on the field has got to be one of my favorite things and also getting together with friends and watching a movie at Fullers on the weekend.
Favorite Hangouts: Campus Center is always a good place to relax & take it easy but my friends & I got a suite and it’s the place to be when I got some time off.
Best Eats: Its nice because WPI has 3 places to eat on campus so you can always switch things up but I haven’t gone wrong yet with ordering the SHAQ Calzone at the Campus Center Food Court.
Favorite Event: Soccom Events have done it real big the past couple of years with bringing in Lupe Fiasco & Kevin Hart.
Career Aspirations: I want to work in the Automobile Industry, designing & building cars and then test-driving them

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