Throughout the spring, summer, and fall, WPI offers personal on-campus interviews. Interviews are not required in order to apply to WPI, but are a great opportunity for WPI to get to know you better one-on-one, while you can learn more about WPI and get questions answered.

If you would like to interview but cannot make it to campus, WPI has off-campus interviews near your hometown and may be able to accommodate phone interviews.

  • About Personal Interviews
    • Interviews are optional.
    • Your interview will become part of your file and may influence your admissions decision. If you are unable to interview, your chances for admission to WPI will not be affected.
    • We strongly recommend interviews for home-schooled students. We are unable to offer interviews with transfer candidates.
    • Interviews are intended for students only. Families can relax in our waiting room and will have a chance to speak with the admissions representative after the interview.
  • Scheduling an Interview
    • Interviews are offered to students beginning March 15 of their junior year through October 25 of their senior year.
    • Appointments are limited, so please contact Admissions at least two weeks in advance at or 508-831-5286.
  • What to Expect
    • Interviews are with a WPI admissions counselor or a trained admissions intern.
    • Interviews last approximately 30–45 minutes.
    • We strongly recommend a campus tour and information session during your visit.
    • Be prepared to talk about yourself, including your senior year academic schedule, your interest in WPI, and why you feel that you are a good match for our programs.
    • You should feel free to ask questions and share additional personal information.
  • International Student Interviews
    • Interviews are not required, but very helpful in reviewing international student applications.
    • You can interview on- or off-campus.