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The WPI Office of Undergraduate Admissions is continuously monitoring the evolving situation relative to the COVID-19 outbreak and its impact on university visits, admissions, and enrollment. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions for answers to your admissions-related questions and to learn more about WPI's overall response

Throughout the spring, summer, and fall, WPI offers personal interviews. Personal interviews provide an opportunity for students to share more about themselves and their interests, and to have their questions answered about WPI and the admissions process. It is important to note that personal interviews are entirely optional and are not required in order to apply to WPI.  A student’s application will be at no disadvantage if they choose not to have a personal interview. Apart from an interview, there are other great ways to learn more about WPI as well!

Information regarding interviews for students of the class of 2022 will be available soon.

  • About Personal Interviews
    • Interviews are optional. An interview is in no way required for admission to WPI.
    • Should you choose to apply to WPI, your interview will become part of your application file, as the notes taken by the interviewers will be shared with the Admissions Committee.
    • We strongly recommend interviews for home-schooled students. We are unable to offer interviews with transfer candidates.
    • Interviews are intended for students only. Time is set aside at the end of an interview for family members to join the conversation with questions.
  • Scheduling an Interview
    • Interviews are offered to students beginning in their junior year through October of their senior year.  Please note that the interview is optional and the absence of an interview will in no way present a disadvantage in the application process to WPI.
    • Interviews for the Class of 2022 have not opened yet.  Please check back later this spring for options and availability.
  • What to Expect
    • Interviews are simply conversations and provide a chance to connect individually with a WPI admissions counselor and/or a trained admissions associate.
    • Interviews last approximately 30 minutes with the student and 10 to 15 minutes after with family members if needed.
    • We strongly recommend participating in a campus tour and information session before the interview. If you have not been able to visit campus due to the COVID-19 outbreak, please take some time to view a pre-recorded information session and virtual campus tour in advance of the interview or attended a live information session virtually or on campus.
    • Be prepared to talk about yourself, including your senior year academic schedule, your interest in WPI, and why you feel that you are a good match for our programs. We look forward to connecting with you and answering any questions you might have about WPI.
  • International Student Interviews
    • At this time, all interview spots have been filled for Fall 2020. Please note that the interview is optional and the absence of an interview will in no way present a disadvantage in the application process to WPI.