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Admissions Live!

The WPI Office of Admissions provides multiple opportunities for #WPI2021 students to connect with current WPI students to ask questions and learn more about the university. Below are opportunities to continue connecting with current students, as well as links to two Reddit AMAs and a Facebook Live chat.

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Crimson Key
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Admissions Office

Accepted Student Livestream!

Current WPI students from the Crimson Key ambassador program hosted a live chat on Sunday, April 23, answering questions from members of the #WPI2021 class!

"I'm a freshman and I just got an internship a few weeks ago at a local pharmaceutical company! I also started research in a professor's lab two weeks after the first day of A term. It is really easy to ask a professor to do research in their lab... In terms of internships, my chemistry professor helped me find mine. There are two major career fairs on campus as well as networking opportunities throughout the year. Also, the CDC (Career Development Center) will help you find and apply for internships." – Response to AMA question

"My advisor (Professor Reidinger, Biomedical Engineering) is amazing! I was having a panic attack around midterm week and I emailed her about it. She replied immediately saying "meet me at the cafe in 10 minutes". We talked about it over some hot chocolate and I felt a lot better after that. All professors I've had more than 20mins of direct interaction with have been dedicated to supporting their students." – Response to AMA question