Experiential Robotics Platform (XRP)

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Welcome FIRST Global Challenge Teams

What Is the XRP Platform?

The XRP (Experiential Robotics Platform) [beta], developed through a collaboration between WPI and DEKA Research & Development Corp., aims to level the STEM playing field globally and create a future generation of engineers.

The robot kits you received are designed to operate autonomously and perform basic tasks. Its simple, tool-free assembly means robots can be built quickly, and replacement parts can be easily 3-D printed. As part of this platform, WPI will provide virtual support through online courses and will guide students and teachers through the new system, including the ability to scale up using the same hardware with free software updates. 

The XRP platform is part of WPI's Global STEM Education Initiative, which will bring inspiration and possibility to STEM education in ways that make it available to all. 


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XRP Programming Course 

This interactive course provides the basic knowledge and skills necessary to program your XRP robot—using either the Python or Blockly programming languages—for every intermediate challenge. Each module builds on the previous one by adding new robotics and programming concepts. New programming techniques are introduced to solve concrete robot problems, allowing students to see the relevance and need for each concept introduced. The course concludes with a project challenge that requires all of the skills taught in the modules leading up to it. 

The modules are outlined in the syllabus along with the associated learning objectives. There are also short quizzes throughout the course to help students be certain they are learning the important concepts.

The course can be run with one robot per student, or with teams of a few students working on each robot. Working in teams allows students to help each other throughout the course, though it’s important to make sure that work is done by all members of the team to ensure that they are all learning the material. For course enrollment or course access problems, contact its@wpi.edu.

 NOTE: For use only with the XRP robot

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Technical Troubleshooting

Within the XRP Programming course, you will find discussion boards and topic-specific question-and-answer forums moderated by WPI staff who will provide guidance and help troubleshoot technical issues.


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Join Our Discord Community

Our Discord channel provides an easy way to communicate your questions, concerns, ideas, and conversations across the world (within this robotics program). While you can ask technical questions here, it is strongly advised to ask them on Stack Overflow so others can find the answers in the future. You may find important resources, links, event information, and office hours here.

To join the Discord channel:

  1. Download the Discord app to your computer or mobile device or open the web browser version 
  2. Click on this invite link to join the group 
  3. Create an account (if you don’t already have one)

Questions about how to join Discord? Watch this YouTube video for more information.

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Learn More about WPI's Partnership with FIRST and Commitment to Global STEM Education

Innovative Robot Kits Aim to Spread Global STEM Access, Opportunities, and Inspiration

The collaboration between WPI and DEKA Research & Development Corp. (DEKA) puts affordable machines onto the world stage.

WPI FIRST Partnership Dates Back 30 Years

When celebrated innovator and WPI alumnus Dean Kamen decided to create an annual robotics competition for high school students, one of the first universities he reached out to was his alma mater. In the three decades since, WPI and FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) have been working together to sow the seeds of innovative STEM education around the world.

Looking for more information about WPI, the XRP platform, or WPI's Global STEM Education Initiative? Submit this form and someone will be in touch or email gr-globalsteminitiative@wpi.edu