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Foisie Business School MBA Program Classroom

An MBA with a STEM Distinction

The Foisie MBA uses a team-centered, project-rich curriculum that complements undergraduate technological degrees (such as engineering, computer science, data science, and information technology) and prepares you to move into a leadership role within your organization or beyond. You will learn management skills from expert faculty that can be used to turn innovation into practice, as well as take advantage of relationships with technology-intensive organizations around the world. While grounded in theory and practice, the perspective you gain from your peers is global. 

An Innovative Program for Working Professionals

The MBA program combines WPI’s signature project-based learning with a "cohort" model. This means that while many classes are online, there is also a required campus-based experience at regular intervals. You start together with a network of peers, work through the program and projects together—and finish with a ready-made network. The program understands how you learn and what businesses want. In essence, it balances the rigor of an academic program with the demands of work and life.

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Thanks to your technological background, you’ve already mastered your STEM skills. But if you’re looking to build upon them to expand your offer to employers, an MBA is worth considering. WPI can help.

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