Experiential Robotics Platform (XRP)



The Experiential Robotics Platform (XRP) is part of OpenSTEMan initiative aimed at bringing inspiration and possibility to STEM education in ways that make it available to all. With a mission to assist other nations and underserved U.S. schools in their efforts to prepare innovators, scientists, and technology leaders by enhancing their K-12 STEM educational system, the XRP platform will allow more young people access to hands-on robotics education and STEM pipeline programs.

This groundbreaking platform will come equipped with hardware, digital content, and community: hardware in the form of affordable robot kits that provide the physical materials needed for a powerful hands-on learning experience; digital content in the form of online curricula, videos, instructions and training that is adapted to culture and educational infrastructure; and community in the form of an online professional learning discussion platform for support and guidance.

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Robot Kits
Robot Kits
The XRP robot kits are designed to operate autonomously and perform basic tasks. Its simple, inexpensive, easy to build, and programmable, and comes with virtual support through online courses and free software updates.
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Online Educational Resources
Online Curriculum and Tutorials
Online Curriculum and Tutorials
As part of the XRP platform, WPI will provide access to free online basic robotics-oriented curricula—including tutorials, courses, software updates, and other educational resources—to guide students and teachers through the new system.
Online Educational Resources
Online Community and Support
Online Community and Support
Online Community and Support
Educators, and students alike, can join a global professional learning community—an online, open source discussion forum. The simple, intuitive and trustworthy platform facilitates engaging chat and long-form discussions about the XRP.
Professional Learning Community
A tangible and fun tool like a robot is a great STEM entry point for students to see the potential of their own musings.
  • Winston "Wole" Soboyejo
  • Provost, WPI
providing access, opportunities and inspiration

Innovative Robot Kits Aim to Spread Global STEM

The Experiential Robotics Platform promises to level the STEM playing field globally and create a future generation of engineers. The robot kits, combined with a WPI-developed curriculum and access to an online community, will provide virtual support for teachers and students in basic robotics education.

at the 2022 FIRST Global Challenge

Impact of Experiential Robotics Platform (XRP)

During the 2022 FIRST Global Robotics Challenge, every participating team received a free XRP—a groundbreaking robotics platform—that will transform STEM education through accessibility and affordability. Hear from two teams on how this will impact their communities.