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Our approach to research is different. Our impact is, too.

WPI takes an unconventional approach to solving global problems. With experts that have a passion for hands-on teaching and research, WPI makes space for forward-thinking, unexpected solutions. What makes all the difference? Our interdisciplinary perspective.

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A Solution from the Problem

The world needs creative thinking to solve Earth’s disastrous plastic problem, especially all that plastic that’s polluting the ocean. Mike Timko has a creative idea. He’s turning plastic ocean waste into fuel for waste-collecting ships.

Materials for a New World

WPI researchers want you to take a fresh look at a traditional building material. How can a new source of material – similar to concrete – help to rebuild a more sustainable world around us? Suzanne Scarlata and Nima Rahbar can tell you.

Multi-industry Impact

We need a new way to recycle old batteries. Doing just that will revolutionize the electric car industry and make vehicle carbon emissions a thing of the past. Yan Wang and his team are changing the game – and investors all over the world are noticing.

Robots in the OR

WPI researchers care about improving patient outcomes. They asked: how can we innovate the surgical process for especially delicate cases? Loris Fichera is using robotic technology to advance less invasive surgery for vulnerable patients. 

Using Plants to Fight COVID-19

WPI researchers think outside the box, so Pam Weathers and her team thought their anti-malaria research with the Artemisia annua (also known as sweet wormwood) plant might also apply to COVID-19. That hunch proved correct when they applied extracts of the plant in the lab and discovered it inhibited replication of the virus. Learn how this research holds promising direction for future treatments of viruses.