Office of Multicultural Affairs

The WPI community benefits immeasurably from cultural and ethnic diversity. Campus life at WPI is greatly enhanced by students of color and various cultural backgrounds as we all learn and grow from each other's experiences.

Women's Programs

WPI is committed to providing support and advocacy for women students.  We work to partner students with women leaders in industry as well as providing opportunities for young women to be leaders themselves.  We also work to help spark curiosity and excitement about science and technology among girls early, so more will eventually pursue careers in these areas. We have several programs for middle- and high school girls, including Tech Girls, Camp Reach and Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day. Learn more at the Office of Multicultural Affairs.

Underrepresented Minority Students

WPI fully recognizes the contributions that our African American, Latino, and Native American community members have brought to WPI. We also realize that these groups are often underrepresented in science, engineering, and technology programs and we continue to bridge that gap with programs designed specifically for these community members, including pipeline programs for middle- and high school students. Learn more at the Office of Multicultural Affairs.    

Religious Diversity

Religious diversity thrives at WPI. We provide programs that not only celebrate the many religions represented on campus, but also serve to inform others about them. Learn more about our Religious Diversity programs.

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